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Mission Statement
The mission of the Ventura County Schools Business Services Authority (VCSBSA) is to support member agencies by providing sound financial and customer services and information to members ethically and professionally.
JPA Profile

The Ventura County Schools Business Services Authority (VCSBSA) was created through the adoption of a joint powers agreement(JPA) by the member agencies on April 1, 1988. The Authority was established in response to the needs of the small school districts in Ventura County. The primary purpose of the JPA was and still is to provide small school districts with a professional staff at a lower cost than usually incurred by maintaining in-house staff.

The operational cost of the JPA is divided among the members and associate agencies based on the size of their individual budgets. The VCSBSA provides a high level of services including payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, accounting, budget preparation, budget monitoring, workers' compensation claims management, health and welfare contracting and negotiating, attendance monitoring, facilities construction and project fiscal management, negotiations, and staff training.

Tami Peterson, Chief Business Official since June 2015, leads the Ventura County Schools Business Services Authority.

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Services Provided

The Ventura County Schools Business Services Authority provides their clients with numerous services. These include, but are not limited to: Accounting and Budgeting Services, Attendance Reporting, Administrative Services, Benefit Administrative Services, Payroll, Risk Management Assistance, and an array of Workshops.